Mother’s Day Kindle Countdown Deal + a Mother’s Day Wish for all Who Celebrate

May 6, 2024AnnouncementsKindle promotions
Winter has waned, and spring has ushered in baby birds, sprouting flowers accompanied by pollen here in Georgia but we take the bitter with the sweet. More importantly, we will be honoring and celebrating our first love. Our dear mothers.  What could be better than sharing a cup or ...Read More

Swallow Books Is Looking for Teacher Stories

January 18, 2024Uncategorized
Are you a teacher with a story to tell? Whether a former educator or currently in the classroom, I want to hear from you! Based on the success of HUMANS IN THE WILD, I’m looking to duplicate the same magic in collected works about being a teacher. This ...Read More

Thanksgiving Offering: Mama’s Soft & Buttery Yeast Rolls

November 10, 2022Helpful Tipsrecipes
Like this recipe? Find more in Martha MccCray Wallace's food memoir, A Sampling of Life, One Taste at a Time. Read More

Kindle CountDown Deal for the Best Beach Read Ever!

June 7, 2022AnnouncementsKindle promotions
On Wednesday, June 9, THERE ARE FAIRIES AT THE BOTTON OF OUR GARDEN is only 99 cents all weekend long. Author, Erin Evans tells us why. June 7th 2022 Today would have been mom’s 70th birthday.  I can picture her smiling in between sips of fresh ...Read More

Spring 2022 Brings New Swallow Books to Press

May 13, 2022AnnouncementsBook Release
Spring has been a busy season for Swallow Publishing, bringing two writers’ books to press: Fabiyas MV in March, and Steve Sibra in April. The books are Being Human, a collection of short stories and THIS MONTH’S NEW RELEASE, Shoes for Baby: Some Poems, available for pre-order through ...Read More

Official launch of print edition, August 3

August 2, 2021AnnouncementsBook Release
It took a while, but the cover is finally perfect. Order your print edition of this gorgeous book today! Read More

‘Christmas in July’ sale for our bestselling memoir!

July 19, 2021AnnouncementsKindle promotions
Our most recent release, THERE ARE FAIRIES AT THE BOTTOM OF OUR GARDEN is a real pot boiler. According to our Kindle data, over 2.000 pages of this true story have been read so far, with those figures climbing every day. Given the popularity of the book, and the ...Read More