Happy Mother’s Day from Swallow Publishing!

May 6, 2021AnnouncementsKindle promotions
We're celebrating our food memoir/cookbook's 1-year anniversary with a Kindle promotion! Get your free copy today! Read More

‘Wrath of the Sister’ Author Shares How to Make Lots of $ on Self-Pubs

April 24, 2021Helpful TipsInterview
Bookbub is definitely the most profitable promotion you can do and a game changer. Read More

Striving to Understand the Beauty in Struggle: Last Poet Interview of April 2021

April 19, 2021AnnouncementsInterview
For STRIVE author, Nigel Walker, everything is coming up roses. In between community service, raising four daughters, and serving as assistant principal at a Georgia high school, he still manages to blossom. Especially creatively. His motivational guide about striving for greatness in the face of adversity features quite a bit ...Read More

‘Being Human’ Author on Using Poetry to Bring Out the Best in Us

April 15, 2021AnnouncementsBook Release
Swallow Publishing became aware of the prolific writer, Fabiyas M V Orumanayur, when we chose his poem ‘War and Children’ to appear in Humans in the Wild: Reactions to a gun loving country.  Just like everything in his literary canon, Fabiyas’s poem beseeches the reader to carefully ...Read More

‘Raise a Glass to My Body’ Author Talks About the Role of Physical Pain in Creating Art

March 29, 2021Book ReleaseInterview
So far in our poetry series, Swallow Books has spoken with poets who turn everyday objects and situations into wildly imaginative verse. Today is a bit different, as we sit down with Jenna Neece, the poet behind ‘Raise a Glass to My Body’. In a collection of wry and brutally ...Read More

Martha Wallace on What It Means to Be an ‘Incidental Poet’

March 25, 2021Interview
It’s hard to believe Martha McCray Wallace, recipient of several notable non-fiction and poetry awards, came late to the craft of writing.  The food memoir author whose quasi cookbook has been touted ‘a mouthwatering read’, said she didn’t know she liked creative writing until well into ...Read More

Poet Steve Sibra Talks About 2022 Release, ‘Shoes for Baby’

March 16, 2021AnnouncementsInterview
Swallow Books signed a new writer this month, whose absurdist art and poetry launches our series of interviews with prolific poets during National Poetry Month. Steve Sibra sat down with editor, Jennifer Russon to talk about his upcoming title, ‘Shoes for Baby’, what it’s about, and the how and ...Read More

‘S.T.R.I.V.E. for Greatness: Motivation in Your Own Image’ is Now Available in Print

March 12, 2021AnnouncementsBook Release
Swallow Publishing released Dr. Nigel’s roadmap to success for pre-sale earlier this week, and is excited to announce the print edition’s availability, beginning March 14. An assistant principal at Callaway High School in La Grange, Georgia, Dr. Walker is already getting rave reviews from members of the ...Read More