Official launch of print edition, August 3

At Swallow Publishing, we want our authors to be 100 percent satisfied with their baby, their labor of love, THEIR BOOK, which is why the official launch date of our bestselling memoir is today, a good two months after the release of the Kindle edition.

Why the wait?

Our original cover, a blurry-orange tinged picture from the early 70s, did not do our main character justice. Though Judi Evans had a wonderful sense of humor, we felt she would not want to look like an Oompa Loompa on the cover of her legacy, so we sharpened it up by obtaining the photo negative.

Now, readers can see what the late and talented Judi Evans actually looked like — and she is such a beauty; both flower child and paragon of courage.

We know you will enjoy reading her poetry and musings about life and love — always appreciating the best these had to give, even as she bravely fought cancer through unimaginable circumstances.

Erin Evans spent three years writing and rewriting, collecting and curating from her mother’s journals, writing portfolio at Huntsman Cancer Institute, and interviews with her younger sister on what it took to beat a heroin addiction and get sober. The result is a great big, beautiful book you can hold in your hands.

There Are Fairies at the Bottom of Our Garden, the print edition, is available today for $16.99. It makes a gorgeous addition to any library. You’ll find it on Amazon and IngramSpark.

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