Swallow Publishing© is an international publishing agency that specializes in book publishing through third party distributors in both print and eBook publishing.

Soar high in your creative endeavors. Find a home for your work within this century – without the hassle and frustration of querying agents for years. At Swallow Publishing, you’ll be warmly welcomed into a writing community that turns that dusty old manuscript under your bed into the widely read bestseller we know it can be.

Our Story

When Jen Russon, a journalist and copywriter realized she wasn’t getting any younger, and that literary agents weren’t likely to bite on her unconventional manuscripts before her 50th birthday, she turned to self-publishing. That journey began in 2017 and has culminated in 3 novels and loyal fan base, eagerly awaiting the third book in the Mami Wata series that began with A Forest Full of Roses.

In her self-pub journey, Jen found excellent freelancing resources and brought her cover artist/eBook conversion guy Nawab Rafiq, with her to Swallow Publishing – a place for talented writers who want to share their fiction, memoirs, poetry and screenplays with the public, at an investment that feels comfortable to them.

We are a writing community at SP, who can help clients simply publish books, or soar so high they eventually catch the eye of a traditional publisher. Our blogs about what’s trending in media and how to improve your craft are always on tap on the Barn Swallow blog.

At SP, we offer different publishing packages to authors joining our imprint. For projects we absolutely love, we offer the author complete funding, taking a 25 percent cut in royalties. Should the writer want to go it alone and self-publish, he or she may purchase our services a la carte, or as a cover to cover package that includes cover design, editorial, ebook/print conversion and marketing help.

Since every project is unique, a customized offer and publishing contract will be sent to the author after careful review.