Swallow Books Is Looking for Teacher Stories

Are you a teacher with a story to tell? Whether a former educator or currently in the classroom, I want to hear from you! Based on the success of HUMANS IN THE WILD, I’m looking to duplicate the same magic in collected works about being a teacher. This “bite at the apple”, I’m asking for just essays with a max of 800 words about your most memorable teaching experiences. There are no topic restrictions; I welcome teachers to write about anything they want. Please submit true, first person accounts that entertain our fellow teachers as well as give parents and non-educators rare insights into our vocation. I’m looking for outrageous, funny, or moving stories about making connections with students, as well as run ins, good or bad, with parents and administrators. If you retired early or changed careers, I can’t wait to read your illuminating essay about why. Love what you do or hate it, share your teacher journeys and struggles with me at jen@swallowpublishing.com. 

Why Should You Submit? Because I’m giving away a publishing contract for one book release in 2025 

Selected authors will be compensated with five free copies of the published anthology when we go to press; I can also offer a Spring 2025 publishing contract to my best essayist. Deadline: I’m accepting stories (PDF format preferred) until May 31, 2024. The anthology’s target press date, with pre-order availability, is set for late Fall of this year.

Important Dates

An announcement of selected writers for this teaching anthology, working title: WHEN I TOOK A BITE OF THE APPLE: stories from the classroom, will be posted to the Swallow Books blog on June 1, 2024. I will contact my favorite contributor and discuss the opportunity of a SWALLOW BOOKS publishing contract just as soon as our respective summers begin. I’m a teacher too and couldn’t be more excited for our 10 weeks off. 

Feel free to contact me with any questions — for fastest response, follow me on X/Twitter @Mrs. Russon Department of English.

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