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On Wednesday, June 9, THERE ARE FAIRIES AT THE BOTTON OF OUR GARDEN is only 99 cents all weekend long. Author, Erin Evans tells us why.

June 7th 2022

Today would have been mom’s 70th birthday.  I can picture her smiling in between sips of fresh margaritas, surrounded by several friends and dogs in her backyard garden she was so proud of. Her infectious laugh would echo throughout the evening, creating a protective bubble filled with magic and pixie dust around her house. It would be a magical evening comprised of love and light. 

Since she would have retired by now mom would be spending her free time going to concerts, giving back to her community, taking long walks, photographing wildflowers, watching British sitcoms and traveling to the places she always wanted to go. Cruising the cold waters of Alaska while searching for whales, making wishes on shooting stars as she camped underneath the towering Redwoods and exploring the vortexes hidden in the red rocks of Sedona. 

I once heard you should write the book you would love to come upon. When mom was first diagnosed with cancer she did what a lot of people do; she attempted to find stories similar to hers so she could learn from their experiences to hopefully gain hope and strength. She found several books, but nothing as raw and vulnerable as Fairies. Mom would be so proud of how many people the book has helped. She was a miracle; someone people could look to for hope and her writing has done just that. The journals she wrote serve as inspiration for those who are struggling. Even though it was hard and painful at times, mom didn’t give up. She lived her life to the very fullest until it was her time to say, “see you later.”  

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