Our Sweet Food Memoir about Life & Love is Free the Week of Mother’s Day!

Thoughts on Mothers Day by the author, Martha Wallace:

The sweet murmur of a mother’s voice, her tender touch. Mothers are magnificent! With deep waves of unconditional love radiating from their very soul. It is unparalleled throughout the world. Mothers, nurturers, life-givers. Nothing is more important. An abundance of wisdom, hugs, good cooking, strong arms.

 A blessing. Be good, be respectful to her. Honor her, praise her. Leave no doubt as to what she means to you. Listen as she speaks, look into her eyes, and cast that reflection in your soul. One day she won’t be with you, but that reflection will always be safe in your heart.

On her special day, give her a double portion of love by purchasing A Sampling of Like: One Taste at a Time. and preparing one of the delightful recipes (the book is user-friendly.) and gift her with your meal and the book that you got it from. 

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