‘S.T.R.I.V.E. for Greatness: Motivation in Your Own Image’ is Now Available in Print

Swallow Publishing released Dr. Nigel’s roadmap to success for pre-sale earlier this week, and is excited to announce the print edition’s availability, beginning March 14.

An assistant principal at Callaway High School in La Grange, Georgia, Dr. Walker is already getting rave reviews from members of the faculty.

After reading S.T.R.I.V.E, Justin Williams, a history teacher, said:

“Maaaaannnnn!!!! This is the championship playbook to the game of life for Black people, especially Black men. Knowing the author’s story and background, and coupling that with his present success, made this book a gem for me,” said Williams.

He added not only is he buying a copy, he is going to insist Dr. Walker autograph it.

Other readers shared their reviews of the 80-page motivational guide, remarking its style is easily accessible and to the point.

“I found it eye opening and helpful in my own life,” said Arizona based editor, Jenny Mertes.

Another reader said he was taken aback, but none the less encouraged, by the author’s painful past, and the way he uses despair, pain, and humiliation to get motivated, and significantly improve the present. 

“As an African-American male, I often find myself looking for motivation to continue my ascension to prosperity. This book really gives more of a personal feel rather than a formal educational one,” the reader said.

Dr. Walker’s close friend, Martha Wallace, read the book and heralded it a realistic motivational guide that asks readers to tackle their life purpose one step at a time.

“Nigel truly cares about giving back and lifting up our youth,” she said.

Click here to buy your copy of S.T.R.IV.E. today!

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