‘A Sampling of Life, One Taste at a Time’ Print Edition Now Available!

On Mother’s Day, Swallow Publishing launched the Kindle version of an award winning poet’s food memoir, and is now answering readers’ calls for the print edition.

Well, folks, it’s here and Martha’s book is still trending as a top 100 book in American and Midwest cooking!

Feedback is literally pouring in for A Sampling of Life, with many saying they plan to prepare its old family recipes, as well as international dishes from her travels.

Here’s what readers are saying about A Sampling of Life, One Taste at a Time:

“Martha is a great writer. I was so drawn into her story, the only time I came up for air was to see if I had the ingredients to make her 7-Up cake. – Mary Adams

This author expertly weaves together the stories behind the recipes. It took me back to my own grandmother’s cooking, my own childhood. –Dede Robbins

Each memory in this memoir is kept short, sweet, and to the point; they are a vehicle that transports the reader through the author’s life and from recipe to recipe – Eva Lazar

One of Martha’s Swedish fans said the recipes themselves are easy to follow no matter where you live, because a temperature conversion table was included in the book.

Others are saying, prose in this food memoir paint a very vivid picture in the hearts and minds of all who taste it – just try not to get your Chow Chow finger prints on its pages when you take Martha’s book into the kitchen with you.

How to Get a Free Copy

Just to make sure all of you read our announcement to the end, we’re doing a print edition give away on June 1 to the first five readers to show their love for food memoirs. To participate in the giveaway, complete the following 4 steps:

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