@MythicPicnic Chooses Us to Host & Award Top Prize in Latest Twitter Contest!

For so many indie writers, Twitter is where it’s at. We meet people on there, who are not mom and dad, old friends or spouses but PEOPLE OF THE PAGE, actually willing to evaluate and help us promote our books. Heck, some of them even enjoy it!

@Mythic Picnic is one of these invaluable resources. We at Swallow Publishing like to call him the Mother Teresa of Arts and Letters.

We met in 2019, when he bought 50 copies of PERSEPHONE UNDERGROUND. The following year, we collaborated on a gun violence anthology.

This time, we’re singing Mythic Picnic’s praises for showing excellent taste in awarding Barlow Adams’s #MythicPicnictweetstory the top $500 prize in this season’s contest.

Barlow’s entry was judged by @_MLopesdaSilva @DamonMcKinney76 @DeMistyB @erichwithach @JeffChon and @kamuleosaurus — make sure you give them a look and a follow on Twitter!

We interviewed Barlow Adams about why he loves Twitter, as well as grilled him about his writing. Here’s what he told us.

I love mythic picnic because I truly believe in Twitter as a medium for writing.

My non-writing resume is more interesting than my CV. I wrote airplane manuals, drove armored cars, worked as a bouncer, a bar manager, a repo man. I dug graves at my uncle’s church and worked in a tattoo parlor doing piercings.

Like a long list of fools I came to Twitter to advertise for a book, a little novella called Appalachian Alchemy, and ended up selling a few books but making a ton of friends. I also discovered micro fiction courtesy of the work of the FABULOUS Noah Sivan, who captivated me with her tiny tweet stories.

I never took them seriously. What were they besides scribbles? But I found they sharpened my mind. Each one contained a small world, which I could expand or sharpen to one crystal image. It was world-building with microscopic characters and itty bitty trees. My words had to be precise, precious. It distracted me. Energized me. I found others. Brilliant writers creating miniature masterpieces. It sustained me when I could manage nothing else.

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