A CRASH COURSE in 2020 New Year Resolutions

For Dr. Nigel Waker, the year 2020 wasn’t a complete wash. The professional educator welcomed twin girls, and has a book coming out at the top of 2021 — a motivational guide titled, STRIVE.

Also an assistant principal, Walker has a few tips for setting realistic New Years goals for kids age 1 to 92.

Dubbed “Culturally Responsive Activism & Service to Humanity” or CRASH, Walker said we live in a diverse society; therefore, we must be active servants to humanity in order to achieve the tolerance and social justice needed for the peaceful coexistence of all people. 

“It’s important for me to maintain a position as a leader and role model, whether it’s being the ultimate girl dad to my four daughters, or fulfilling my administrative duties as an assistant principal,” said Walker. 

He went on to describe a “twin-demic”, which he says is the global health crisis caused by the spread of COVID-19, and resulting social unrest.

“What further complicates the situation is the heavy political polarization of the crises to fulfill a political agenda, “ he said. 

Walker added his belief there will be continued calls for social justice as more institutions, including college and professional sports, take their message to fields and courts. 

For the people suffering fatigue at this juncture, Walker offers CRASH as we all prepare to say goodbye to 2020. 

The 4 Resolutions of CRASH

Mental Health – make sure you make a resolution for self-care and periodic brain breaks from the noise. Unplug and go off the grid. 

Physical Health – keep that annual checkup on schedule, and trust medical professionals over the media.

Continuing Education – not only does knowledge bring power, it breeds tolerance. Make a resolution to learn about someone who is different from you. More specifically, take a hot topic and learn both sides of the argument. 

Contributing Member – renew your self-concept and energize your self-esteem by contributing your expertise to the conversations. Your positive contribution in your field not only builds self-actualization, but it can build upon a positive community. 

At the end of Swallow Publishing’s interview with Dr. Walker, he made clear how important it is that we STRIVE — to borrow his upcoming book’s title — to be a positive light in our community.

Walker added their is a flip side to this way of conducting yourself.

“We’re all entitled to our opinions, but opinions do not lead to resolutions. Remember, the word resolution is a derivative of a term meaning to solve or find answers. We have plenty of conflict and crises from which to choose. Now is the perfect time to seek resolution, “ he said.

Walker’s motivational guide S.T.R.I.V.E. is due out in January/February 2021.

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