S.T.R.I.V.E For Greatness: Motivation in Your Own Image
About the Book

Each day millions seek to emulate, keep abreast, and learn more about what makes certain people stand out and be successful. With focus and self-determination, one can learn to stand out, and strive for their own greatness. S.T.R.I.V.E is comparable to intricate instruction on creating a rare and timely self-guided pathway to reaching your optimum goals in life.

A compelling and accomplished educator and writer. Dr. Nigel Walker has pooled his life experiences, resourcefulness and shared a plan, researching means to set achievable goals. He personally focused, dug in his heels, sacrificed, and emerged with an infallible plan that urges and coaches you to” reach beyond your grasp”. He reflects on three distinct time periods that were impactful and motivating. He confirms his belief that “education is a great equalizer…”

Dr. Nigel Walker is an exceptional educator, motivator, writer and leader, withstanding the challenges of 2020 he provides steps of enfranchising and self-empowerment. Following his principles, one is bound to reach their zenith with excellence. “We must be motivated in our own image.” S.T.R.I.V.E encourages that motivation.

Publisher: Swallow Publishing, LLC
Publication Year: 2021
Format: Print, eBook
About the Author
Dr. Nigel L. Walker

Dr. Nigel L. Walker was born February 13, 1980, to David and Jacqueline Walker. He was born and raised in Eufaula, AL, along with seven brothers and sisters. Jacqueline raised all eight children as a single mother in the public housing projects throughout his childhood. He began writing at an early age, and published his first poetry book in 2004. Dr. Walker earned his B.A., M.Ed., and Ed.S. in education at LaGrange College and his Doctorate at Columbus State University.

Dr. Walker has developed a career as an educator/consultant, author, speaker, and performer. He currently serves as a high school assistant principal. He is a member of the Great Black Speakers Bureau and owner of WILL Educational Services, LLC. He is also member of the alternative hip hop recording group, Hypoetically Speaking. He currently resides in LaGrange, GA with his wife, Irene and four daughters, Emily, Claudia, Leah, and Lydia.

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