Humans in the Wild: Reactions to a Gun Loving Country
Authors: ,
Genres: Anthology, Fiction, Inspirational, Thriller
Tag: Anthology
Publisher: Swallow Publishing LLC
Publication Year: 2020
Illustrator: Ashley Mantararma
About the Book
About the Author
Anthology Authors

Swallow Publishing in collaboration with Mythic Picnic has selected 32 authors to contribute to an anthology about gun violence in America. The contributing authors are:

  1. Jennifer Russon
  2. Kathy Fish
  3. Sherry Morris
  4. Ruth Sabath Rosenthal
  5. Robert Nelis
  6. Ray DiZazzo
  7. Philip Brent
  8. Monique Hugo
  9. Mike Baldwin
  10. Martha Patterson
  11. Marie Anderson
  12. Lindsey Byars
  13. Laura Rodley
  14. Kelly Hayes-Raitt
  15. Alexis Rhone Fancher
  16. Justin Short
  17. Annie Dawid
  18. Jen Karetnick
  19. Janet M. Powers
  20. Hardarshan Singh Valia
  21. Gerard Sernat
  22. Fabiyas M V
  23. Dina Friedman
  24. David Cody
  25. Cynthia Graee
  26. Cynthia Close
  27. Christine Whitlock
  28. Cate Mcgowan
  29. Carlton Herzog
  30. Steve Sibra
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